Q: What is Cardless Cash?

A: Cardless Cash allows debit cardholders to withdraw cash from a Johnson Bank ATM using the Johnson Bank Mobile app without inserting their card into the ATM.

Q: What are the benefits of Cardless Cash?

A: Convenience, Security and Speed are the ways Cardless Cash will make managing your money easier. Schedule cash withdrawal transactions before arriving at an ATM. There is no need to insert your card and enter your PIN, which protects your card information. Reduce your time spent at the ATM as a Cardless Cash transaction can be completed within 10 seconds.

Q: Who can use Cardless Cash?

A: Customers who have an eligible Johnson Bank checking account and debit card and are also enrolled in eBanking and Mobile Banking.

Q: What accounts can I withdraw from using Cardless Cash?

A: Johnson Bank personal checking accounts can be used with Cardless Cash. Savings, Business Checking, Health Savings, Money Markets and Home Equity Line of Credit accounts are not eligible for Cardless Cash. However, transfers can be made via Mobile Banking into your checking account for the withdrawal. Transfers out of Savings and Money Market accounts through Mobile Banking are subject to monthly Reg D limitations.

Q: How do I use Cardless Cash?

A: Follow these simple steps to use Cardless Cash:

  1. Log into the Johnson Bank Mobile app
  2. Select Cardless Cash from the + menu
  3. On the withdrawal screen, select your account, enter an amount and save the transaction details (when scheduling the withdrawal in advance)
  4. At the Cardless Cash supported ATM, press the Cardless Cash button on the ATM. Tap the Cardless Cash option within the Johnson Bank Mobile app to launch the QR code scanner and scan the QR code
  5. Collect your money from the ATM. Your eReceipt will appear on your phone screen and will be saved in the app

Q: What is a Quick Response Code (QR code)?

A: A QR code is a machine-readable optical code consisting of a pattern of black and white squares.

Q: What ATMs is Cardless Cash available?

A: All Johnson Bank ATMs are available for Cardless Cash. From the app, you can see a list of ATMs by clicking on Find Cardless Cash ATMs.

Q: Is Cardless Cash secure?

A: Yes, Cardless Cash is secure. Since you do not need to insert a card, Cardless Cash eliminates the possibility of your card being skimmed or your PIN being compromised at the ATM. No debit card information is stored on your phone and no two QR codes are the same.

Q: What do I do if I don’t see Cardless Cash in my Johnson Bank Mobile app?

A: The Johnson Bank Mobile app will automatically update to include Cardless Cash. If you do not see Cardless Cash as an option, go to your phone’s app store and update your Johnson Bank Mobile app. Once you log in, you will be asked to accept the updated Mobile Terms and Conditions.

Q: Can someone access my accounts at the ATM using my phone if it is stolen?

A: Using the phone’s fingerprint or PIN security will allow you to lock your phone’s display and access to the phone. Using this security setting for your device will help prevent unauthorized access to your phone contents. The Johnson Bank Mobile app is protected with a password, passcode or TouchID so if your phone is stolen the app cannot be accessed without the login credentials.

Q: What are my daily withdrawal limits for Cardless Cash?

A: The daily withdrawal limits are the same as your debit card.

Q: How will a Cardless Cash transaction appear on my statement?

A: The transaction will appear on your statement as an ATM withdrawal, just like an ATM transaction using your physical card.

Q: Is there a fee to use Cardless Cash?

A: There is no fee to use Cardless Cash and is free as part of the Johnson Bank Mobile app. Please remember phone message and data rates may apply.

Q: Will I be able to cancel a saved transaction?

A: The transaction will be saved for you to use with your next Cardless Cash transaction. Simply change the dollar amount and use the saved transaction the next time you use Cardless Cash.

Q: How soon will the money be deducted from my personal checking account?

A: The withdrawal is real-time and the funds will be deducted from your account when the funds are disbursed at the ATM.

Q: What devices are supported for Cardless Cash?

A: iPhone and Android smartphones are able to download the Johnson Bank Mobile app and access Cardless Cash.

Q: If I share a Johnson Bank eBanking and Mobile Banking login with my spouse; will Cardless Cash still work?

A: Sharing login information is not allowed. Cardless Cash will require each user to have their own individual login to Johnson Bank eBanking and the Johnson Bank Mobile app. Cardless Cash will only have the card associated with the individual who enrolled for eBanking and Mobile Banking, even if it is a joint account.

Q: I have two debit cards in my name linked to the same checking account, will Cardless Cash work?

A: To utilize Cardless Cash, you may only have 1 debit card, in your name, linked to your personal checking account. Your checking account will not appear in Cardless Cash if more than one debit card in your name is linked to it. One of these debit cards will need to be closed in order to utilize Cardless Cash. Contact your Johnson Bank advisor or the Johnson Customer Support Center at 888.769.3796 to assist you.

Q: Will my PIN be required each time I use Cardless Cash?

A: The first time you use Cardless Cash you will be prompted for your debit card PIN. A PIN validation will only occur again if you install a new Johnson Bank Mobile app, use a new or different device for Cardless Cash, or go into your phone settings and clear the cache.

Q: What happens if I enter an incorrect PIN?

A: Call the Johnson Customer Support Center at 888.769.3796 to have your debit card PIN attempts reset. If you do not know your PIN, the Johnson Customer Support Center can mail you a PIN reminder.

Q: How long are the eReceipts available?

A: eReceipts will be available in the app for 30 days and can be found under the Recent transactions.